Saylese is one of the most important deities of Liselai. She has a portfolio inspired by the Greek Hecate; she governs magic, death and – under the name of Sereso – truthfulness.

Her name is created from the components ‘sayl’ – knowledge/understanding/wisdom/craft (also found in the smith god’s name: Saylars) and ‘ese’ – goddess (‘asa’ being the male equivalent).

She brings home the souls of the dead, she can provide visions and her priests are more often than not Gifted in magic.

The Spirit-rite, most common among the nobility, is an age-old tradition. A youth may come for a night in Saylese’s temple, in the hopes of receiving a patron deity, a sign for their future, or some insight into themselves. A Gifted may discover their magical Source (if they have one).

The rite is controversial; about one in three of those who enter into it, either die or go mad. Certain (blasphemous) parents accuse the priests of tampering with the statistics, for political reasons, and though the High Priest is rumoured to have the ability to remove this madness, it is rarely used.

“May Saylese carry them gently” is the Liselaian version of “may they rest in peace”.

The various priesthoods can be recognized by their coloured outfits. Saylese’s wear pure black, with an enameled white and black Eye-brooch at the throat.



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