and a tidbit on the origin of the demon kindred.

This is A’Grih!agrihcolor


A drop emerged from the snow covered hill. It was black as tar, but flowed like water. The snow melted as though it were normal water, but the grass beneath withered where the Black Water touched it.

E’hi looked up at her makeress. Through the fire, she saw a small smile and a nod. E’hi carefully touched a finger to the drop. It was smooth as velvet, warm and welcoming. When she withdrew her hand, several more drops of the strange fluid shone in the light of the fire-goddess standing behind her.

“Taste!” The words burned in the ears of E’hi and A’ha.

E’hi licked her fingertip. In her future was sweet meat and nourishing innards, but never again would food or drink give as much pleasure as that tiny drop. She knew – painfully so – that even though she might drink herself to bloat and death on this divinely procured liquid, she would never enjoy it like that first drop.

It burned her throat and belly like the voice of the fire-goddess. Her eyes blurred, her heart beat faster and her body was warm and ready. Flame-eyed she rose and saw her world grow large. With A’ha at her side, their kingdom would be the greatest, the mightiest – and it would burn the world with Fire and Black Water.

A’ha tasted the drop that was now a tiny well spring, but the fire burned through his eyes and ears, and through all his limbs. Gasping, enflamed, and the flames destroyed him. E’hi watched him, the Water had given her a sense of distance and coolness. She watched him burn, saw his pain, saw his arms and legs devoured by fire, while he was still full of the lifeforce of the newly created first Kindreds.

And so the sagas of the Argaín, the demons – called Radwai by the elves – speak of E’hi slaughtering a goat, taking its hind legs and binding them by magic to A’ha’s still living torso. They speak of how she killed a wild cat with her bare hands, and bound its front paws to his body. And so – it is said – it is why the males of that Kindred are half animal, while the females have eyes burning with a white fire.


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