The world of Liselai has been slowly incubating in my imagination for the past twenty years. Two moons, a dozen or so deities, five sentient races – the Five Kindreds; humans, elves, dwarves, demons, and the half-bird ‘tsiks’; mountains and forests, seas and plains, divine disagreements that span the ages and filter down to the lives of mere mortals.

This blog holds a collection of art and short stories featuring various aspects of Liselai – and tidbits of the longer trilogy “Black Water, White Dragon” that I plan to publish.

One day? Hope to publish? Shortly? Shortly-ish?

Anyway, currently; the first book “The Water” is undergoing the lengthy editing process. It’s in Norwegian. This, too, may change or be expanded on.

The blog is here: Short Stories and Art

If you prefer to jump directly to each story, you can find them here:

A boy and his dwarf, part 1

The Scent of Flowers, part 1

Of Dragons – a dwarven tale

Home, part 1


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