Welcome to Liselai

The world of Liselai has been slowly incubating in my imagination for the past twenty years. Two moons, a dozen or so deities, five sentient races – the Five Kindreds; humans, elves, dwarves, demons, and the half-bird ‘tsiks’; mountains and forests, seas and plains, divine disagreements that span the ages and filter down to the lives of mere mortals.

This blog holds a collection of art and short stories featuring various aspects of Liselai – and tidbits of the longer trilogy “Black Water, White Dragon” that will be published some time during 2018/2019. The first book “The Water” is undergoing the lengthy editing process. It’s in Norwegian, but likely to be translated as well. Anthologies of novellas and previously unpublished short stories are planned for release at about the same time.

The blog is here: Short Stories and Art

If you prefer to jump directly to each story, you can find them here:

Sun and Rain

A boy and his dwarf, part 1

The Scent of Flowers is now ONLY found on Instafreebie! Go get yours!

Of Dragons – a dwarven tale

Home, part 1


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